An healthcare story of more than 120 years

  • 1888 : Emile Chaix created Chaix laboratory in Paris.


  • 1896 : Leon Cazin, a native from Blois, joined together with Emile Chaix to develop liquid injectables in organic solvents, prepared according to Brown-Sequard method.


  • 1907 : Partnership with Henri Hugon who acquired Du Marais Laboratory in Paris in 1932 The brand name Lavoisier will be used by Henri Hugon.


  • 1942 : Merging of Chaix laboratory and Du Marais laboratory by Jean Hugon, CEO and qualified person, Henri Hugon's son under the name Chaix et Du Marais Laboratories.


  • 1963 : A production plant was set up in Blois, allowing then to multiply output by 50 in 20 years.


  • 1990 : Jean Hugon decided to transfer manufacturing in a more modern factory, in accordance with European good manufacturing practices to increase output and position himself in the international competition. Remarkable achievements will be made by Brigitte Truelle-Hugon, his daughter, CEO and Qualified Person.


  • 1992 : Opening of a new structure housed in a 7 800 square foot facility in the heart of the ‘Loir et Cher' region.


  • 2000 : Paris head office extended with the transfer of its premises near the Champs-Elysées Avenue.