October 2010

CDM LAVOISIER get EC Certificate - Classe III for sterile sodium chloride 0,9% solution, single dose glass and polypropylene ampoules for indications : Rinsing or purge of catheters, for wound rinsing.

April 2010

LNE/G-MED certifies that the Quality Management System of CDM LAVOISIER complies with the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 for Manufacturing, sterilisation, packaging, quality control, storage and distribution of sterile liquids forms for medical applications including medical devices.
CDM LAVOISIER get EC Certificate for Sterile Water, single dose glass and polypropylen vials for indications :

  • Rinsing of wounds and medcial devices;
  • Inflation of balloon for vesical probes.

September 2008

Marie-Amelie Le Fur, french athlete sponsored by CDM Lavoisier, has won the silver medal in the long jump event (F44 category) and the 100m event of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic games. So Marie-Amelie comes back from Beijing with two silver medals for her first olympic games, this is an incredible result for such a young athlete.


We are very proud to support Marie-Amelie in her olympic dream which has now been turned into a reality thanks to her courage and determination. Congratulations Marie-Amelie!





August 2008

CDM Lavoisier, the french specialist of injectable solutions manufacturing since 1888, celebrates 120 years of existence in 2008.


265 years ago, on the 26 of August 1943, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier was born. Lavoisier is the father of the modern chemistry. For 120 ans, our company has been immortalizing the french know-how in the injectable solutions manufacturing.


CDM Lavoisier belongs to the circle of the rare french family business companies which have been reaching the 4th generation of leaders within the same family.

June 2008

Marie-Amélie Le Fur, athlete sponsored by CDM Lavoisier, has just qualified for the paralympics games in Beijing which would take place in September 2008. She will represent France in the following disciplines : 100m, 200m and long jump.

March 2008

CDM Lavoisier extends external use solutions portfolio with the addition of the following products :


These external use sterile solutions are available in flexible polyethylene vials. They are closed by a secured cap. The following volumes are available for both products : 250 ml, 500 ml and 1.000 ml.