Specialized in the pharmaceutical manufacturing of injectable solutions, CDM Lavoisier has a production capacity regularly upgraded to the highest quality and safety standards requirements. In addition, our organization flexibility enables us to promptly adapt to any customer requirement.


In our factory, injectables solutions filling takes place in one of the controled athmosphere areas before they get sterilized and packaged.


Every year, millions of injectable vials and injectable ampoules are produced by our pharmaceutical manufacturing lines. CDM Lavoisier is a recognized pharmaceutical manufacturer expert for glass containers (vials and ampoules) but also for polypropylene and polyethylene ampoules (bfs technology).



After the sterilization, our products are packaged before being isolated in quarantine and then approved and delivered to our customers.

The packaging process is performed following these steps :

  • Visual inspection of the solution;
  • Product labeling and variable mentions (batch number and expiry date) printing;
  • Box packing with a leaflet.


Based on the customer requirement, the product and its volume, we are able to offer various kind of packaging :

  • Under splitable blister pack;
  • In single box;
  • In box of 10, 20, 50 or 100 ampoules;
  • In box of 6, 12 or 24 vials;
  • In box of 10, 20, 30 or 50 bags.


This flexibility allows us to meet the needs of both pharmacist and hospital market.

Value-added solutions

CDM Lavoisier is well known in the injectable market for the following reasons :

  • More than a century of expertise in the pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Constant evolution and permanent optimization for zero default manufacturing
  • Acknowledged expertise in the pharmacist and hospital domains
  • Priority to patient care commitment
  • Will to diversify in order to better serve our customers : drugs, products for the home based hospitalization, single use medico-surgical material
  • High level of expertise of our employees in their area