Quality control

The pharmaceutical quality

Nowadays, whatever the sector is, product quality is a key component with the price and associated level of service. In the pharmaceutical industry, the quality is fundamental. More than a regulatory obligation, it is a matter of ethic.

In the field of the injectable products, the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality are followed. The solutions filling takes place in a protected area in order to control the number of particles in the athmosphere. Products quality is controlled at each stage of the manufacturing process. Since our products are targeted for sick people, we cannot afford to provide any non-conforming product because it could make worse their health.

The quality control

Our quality control laboratory is accountable for the product quality verification. As part of this, the following controls are performed :


  • Quality control of raw materials
  • Quality control of packaging elements
  • Quality control of water for injectable preparations
  • Qualtify control of the solution before the filling process
  • Qualitfy control of the solution just before the sterilization process
  • Qualitfy control of the solution after the sterilization process
  • Quality control of the solution during the quarantine


Moreover, the packaging department performs a visual inspection of each unique product in order to verify the level and aspect of the solution, the absence of particles and the sealing.
The quality controls allow us to provide an optimal level of quality for our products.

The quality insurance

The quality insurance is the people and equipments certification required for the manufacturing process. Each internal department and each supplier are regularly audited by the quality insurance department. Our manufactury is also regularly audited by the french health authorities who deliver to us our manufacturing authorization.

Our employees are trained on the good manufacturing practices (GMP). They follow strict documented processes at each stage of the products manufacturing.

All the equipments are validated following an annual plan of validation in order to verify that they are working as expected according to the specifications.