Potassium Chloride 10% Injectable Plastic Ampoule

Potassium Chloride 10% (Plastic Ampoule)



Volume Concentration 
 10 ml 10 % 
 20 ml 10 %








Pharmaceutical form

The potassium chloride 10% solution is filled within a plastic ampoule of polypropylene manufactured following the blow-fill-seal process. Its luer lock opening allows the direct connection of a syringue.


The bfs ampoules are available in strips of 5 units which can be individually detached from each other easily.


Potassium supplement

In terms of laboratory tests, an hypokalaemia lower than 3.6 mmol/l indicates potassium deficiency.

This deficiency can affect:

  • the digestive tract : diarrhoea, vomiting, stimulating laxatives.
  • the renal system: increased excretion in the urine in case of congenital tubular disease or during therapy by salidiuretics, corticoids or (IV) amphotericin B, by excessive alkaline or liquorice derivatives consumption.
  • the endocrine system : primary hyperaldosteronism (that involves etiologic treatment).


Symptomatic potassium deficiency may produce some of the followings symptoms: muscular fatigability, pseudoparalysis, cramping and ECG modification, repolarisation disorders and ventricular hyperexcitability.

Chloride ion : correction of metabolic alkalosis often associated with hypokalaemia.


Therapeutic Indications of potassium chloride

  • Potassium supplement to meet the patient's daily needs in parenteral nutrition.
  • Treatment of hypokalaemia and adjustment of potassium depletion, in case of severe disorders or when intake by enteral route cannot be achieved or is inadequate.

NB: IV administration of potassium salt leads to a high potassium gradient which can cause hyperkalaemia and heart failure (see Posology and administration).


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