Ringer Lactate Injectable Vial

Ringer lactate (Glass Vial)



 Volume Concentration
 250 ml N/A
 500 ml N/A
 1000 ml N/A


Balanced electrolyte solution (B: hematopoietic stem cells blood and lymphoid organs)


  • Crystalloid isotonic solution for vascular filling and electrolyte rebalance, with ionic compounds very similar to extracellular liquid.
  • Extracellular dehydration and/or volemic deficiency rebalance is associated with hemodilution.
  • Pharmacological properties are those of its constituents (sodium, potassium, calcium and chlorides).
  • Lactate ion is a buffer anion, precursor of bicarbonate, thus involved in the regulation of acid-basic balance. This transformation may be modified in patients with hepatocellular insufficiency.
  • Lactate ions supplementation in excess may result in metabolic alkalosis.
  • In lactate metabolism block (lactic acidosis of B type), lactate supplementation leads to accumulation of this anion in blood.
  • The improvement of circulation, and thus of hepatic perfusion, helps restore a normal lactate metabolism and corrects the process of an hypovolemic shock (associated with lactic acidosis of A type).


This solution diffuses out in extracellular space, thus enhancing the volume accordingly. Lactate ion is rapidly metabolized in liver, converted there to pyruvate, which is utilized in Krebs's cycle in the production of bicarbonate.


Therapeutic Indications of ringer lactate 

  • Dehydration predominantly extracellular regardless the cause (vomiting, diarrhea, fistula, etc.).
  • Hypovolemia whatever the cause:
  • hemorrhagic shocks
  • burns
  • perioperative electrolyte losses.
  • Metabolic acidosis except lactic acidosis


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