External use

Irrigation solution of sterile water for external use (non-injectable)

Sterile water for external use (non-injectable)


This sterile irrigation solution is available in the following volumes :

  • 250 ml;
  • 500 ml;
  • 1 L.


The sterile water for external use carries the CE marking. The bottle is made of flexible, transparent and recyclable polyethylene.


The opening is secured to guarantee the integrity of the content.



  • cleansing action for sterile irrigation of body cavities, tissues or wounds
  • washing, rinsing or soaking surgical dressings, instruments and laboratory specimens


Precautions of use

  • sterile water for irrigation should not be injected as this is an hypotonic solution
  • its use is solely external
  • it is hypotonic and will cause hemolysis
  • it is not recommended for use during surgical procedures


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