Our Laboratories : more than 130 years of existence

  • 1888


    Edouard Chaix and Ernest Maillet founded the company Maillet et Cie in 1888, based at 10, rue de l’Orne, in Paris (15th arrondissement).

  • 1891


    Charles Rémy and Marie Bra join forces to form Chaix et Rémy. They specialise in the manufacture of liquid organ extracts.

  • 1895


    Henri Chausse joins the company. He is in charge of the highly delicate preparation of an anti-streptococcal serum.

  • 1896


    12 November : a presidential decree authorises the Chaix et Rémy company to produce and sell organic serums.

  • 1898


    On the demise of Charles Rémy, Edouard Chaix goes into partnership with Marie Bra, then with Henri Chausse. Chaix et Cie markets flagship products such as Succomusculin.

  • 1910


    Léon Cazin, company pharmacist since 1894, contributes to international development, in countries like Brazil.

  • 1919


    Léon Cazin takes over from Edouard Chaix and initiates a company in his name. He then joins forces with Henri Hugon, also a pharmacist.

  • 1928


    At auctions, Herni Hugon acquires the house at 8, rue de l’Orne, then the pharmaceutical premises at 10 rue de l’Orne.

  • 1942


    Alice Mullot and her son Jean Hugon take over the company after the death of Henri Hugon in 1935. The corporate name becomes Laboratoires Chaix et du Marais – Hugon et Cie.

  • 1944


    The Marais site is bombed during the war. The activity is therefore concentrated at 10, rue Alphonse Bertillon, formerly rue de l’Orne.

  • 1964


    The site in rue Alphonse Bertillon is bought by the Chauffage Urbain de la Ville de Paris. Jean Hugon relocates production to Blois, at the corner of the Boulevard de l’Industrie and the Route de Vendôme. The head office remains in Paris.

  • 1992


    Opening of the Chaussée-Saint-Victor plant. This establishment makes it possible to raise the production capacity and develop new activities.

  • 1997


    The first Marketing Authorisations are obtained for glass bottle ampoules.

  • 2006


    Discontinuation of marketing of the last MA presentations in double-tipped ampoules.

  • 2007


    Continuing on from Brigitte Truelle-Hugon, Philippe Truelle, her son teams up with his two brothers, Jean-Marie and Olivier, to take over management of the business.

  • 2010


    ISO 13485 certification obtained for Quality Management in the medical device industry.

  • 2014


    Launch of a new high-volume bag-filling activity (Maxima®) on behalf of other pharmaceutical firms

  • 2020


    Launch of the first phase of the industrial master plan aimed at increasing production capacities