CDM Lavoisier Safety and Environment Policy

EH&S Policy

The interest that we take in our employees, the loyalty of our customers due to our permanent focus on ensuring their satisfaction, are our essential commitments in the same way as the protection of the environment.

It is in this context that our pharmaceutical firm is committed to preserving the Health and Safety of employees, stakeholders and customers while safeguarding the Environment.

By means of this policy, we undertake to :

  • Ensure compliance with the Health, Safety and Environment regulations in force that are applicable to us,
  • Assess the risks with the aim of eliminating them or else minimising them so as to prevent accidents harmful to human health and the environment,
  • Adopt a continuous improvement approach in these areas, by defining progress actions, and by promoting preventive actions relating to the behaviour of our employees in the face of the risks incurred,
  • Raise awareness among and Train staff in respect of Safety and Environment rules so that everyone is aware of their role and their personal responsibility when it comes to preventing accidents, damage to health or to the environment,
  • Favour maintaining employment through studies of multidisciplinary positions in order to integrate any restrictions in aptitude for work,
  • Optimise our energy consumption (Water, Gas and Electricity)
  • Prevent the risks of accidental pollution and nuisances due to our activity,
  • Recover or recycle our waste as much as possible.
Respect for the environment

Each and everyone, through their contribution, helps improve safety and the working environment.

All employees have a collective responsibility to ensure this improvement in the most efficient way possible, thereby creating a safe and friendly environment that contributes to everyone’s job satisfaction.