The values of our company are underpinned by four main pillars of commitments



  • Honesty

  • Trust

  • Integrity


A sense of commitment

  • Performance

  • Responsibility

  • Flexibility


The strength of the collective

  • Common vision

  • Motivation

  • Cohesion


People first

  • Attentiveness

  • Solidarity

  • Goodwill


We are committed to acting in full transparency every day. We have established and continue to maintain relationships based on honesty and trust, whether within the company or with our internal and external partners. To this end, we provide our stakeholders with relevant information in a timely manner.

A sense of commitment

We make every effort to meet the challenges we face in order to deliver essential drugs and medical devices by ensuring their quality and availability for the benefit of patients.

We strive to respect our commitments. As a manufacturer of health products, we act as a public health player. At each stage of our activity, we show commitment in accordance with high standards, rigour and respect for others.

Determined to provide solutions, as close as possible to their needs, adaptability and flexibility are resources that we implement daily, constantly forcing us to surpass ourselves.

The strength of the collective

The development of our company depends on the quality and efficiency of teamwork. We always favour the collective, at all levels: within teams, between departments, but also with our partners and stakeholders.

A successful team is imbued by a spirit of cohesion and shares a common vision, which we deploy within our company. Each employee is a responsible player who contributes to the collective performance. This develops cohesion and motivation within our teams.

A human dimension

Due to the size of our company, goodwill, solidarity and attentiveness remain at the heart of our relationships.