Our glass vial contract manufacturing service

Within the framework of its pharmaceutical contract manufacturing activity, CDM Lavoisier, manufactures several hundreds of thousands of units of drugs in glass vials each year on a dedicated production line, in its factory based in France.

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CDM Lavoisier’s know-how in the production of injectable solutions in glass bottles

CDM Lavoisier has been manufacturing drugs since 1888. The pharmaceutical form of the glass vial was developed many decades ago in the 20th century. The qualities of glass are well known : an inert material that allows a long-term conservation of the pharmacological properties of the solution. Today, the glass vial is used in particular for the manufacture of solutions used for reconstitution or polyionic formulas.

CDM Lavoisier buys pharmaceutical quality glass from French and European glassmakers, thus guaranteeing a short circuit as well as the respect of very strict quality specifications.

Glass vial

One of the last manufacturers of large capacity injectable glass bottles in France

CDM Lavoisier is one of the few pharmaceutical laboratories on the French market to have its own production capacity for glass vials. The annual capacity of the parenteral solution filling line is 5 million vials.

The volumes of vials filled on our line are as follows :

  • 125 mL ; (Filling volumes : 50mL, 100mL and 125mL)
  • 250 mL ; (Filling volumes : 160mL, 200mL, 250mL)
  • 500 mL ; (Filling volumes : 400mL and 500mL)
  • 1.000 mL. (Filling volume : 1000mL)

Our filling machine is therefore able to fill solutions with a volume smaller than the volume of the vial (e.g. 50 mL of solution in a 125 mL vial).

Pharma contract manufacturing

Complete control of the manufacturing process of an injectable solution

From filling to sterilization and packaging, CDM Lavoisier carries out all the manufacturing operations for injectable products in glass vials :

  • Procurement of components and raw materials ;
  • Quality control of these components and raw materials ;
  • Solution preparation ;
  • Washing the glass bottle ;
  • Sterilizing filtration and solution filling ;
  • Capping and vacuuming of the glass vial ;
  • Crimping of the glass vial ;
  • Terminal sterilization with overheated water ;
  • Quality control during production and of the finished product ;
  • 100% visual inspection ;
  • Packaging of the vials.
Glass vial contract manufacturer

CDM Lavoisier, pharmaceutical manufacturer and also distributor

CDM Lavoisier is since its origin a laboratory exploiting its own products. We develop and manufacture our own drugs for the French and international markets. For many years, several pharmaceutical laboratories have called on our know-how to manufacture their own products in glass bottles. As an operating laboratory, we also have the capacity to distribute these products to pharmacies and hospitals in France. Thus, a laboratory that does not have an operating structure in France can use the services of CDM Lavoisier for all its manufacturing and marketing operations.

Entrust us with your contract manufacturing project

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