Our plastic ampoule contract manufacturing service

Within the framework of its pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services, CDM Lavoisier has specialized since 2007 in the manufacture of plastic ampoules in polypropylene. Our manufacturing process is based on BFS (Blow Fill Seal) technology.

GMP Approved

CDM Lavoisier’s know-how in the manufacture of injectable plastic ampoules

CDM Lavoisier has been manufacturing drugs since 1888. Then, CDM Lavoisier adopted the BFS technology in the 2000s in order to offer part of its product range in this type of container. The transposition of these drugs from glass to plastic required several years of development work to adapt the formulation, the filling process and finally the sterilization cycle of these drugs to the constraints of plastic.

This know-how has enabled CDM Lavoisier to position itself as a recognized player in plastic ampoule manufacturing in Europe. Today, our BFS filling lines are available to many stakeholders and pharmaceutical companies to manufacture their products. Our factory is GMP certified and regularly inspected by the ANSM (French healthcare industry control authority) and audited by the GMED.

BFS Bottelpack Ampoule

A unique capacity in Western Europe

With two manufacturing lines for single-dose BFS ampoules and a filling capacity of 0.4 to 20 mL, CDM Lavoisier has a particularly flexible tool, sized to meet the growing needs for injectable BFS ampoules.

Our production capacity is more than 30 million small volume units per year on two recent filling lines. This will allow us to fill the following volumes :

  • 0.4 mL ;
  • 5 mL ;
  • 10 mL ;
  • 20 mL.

Other volumes are possible with the development of a specific mold adapted to our machine.

Pharma contract manufacturing

An integrated end-to-end process

CDM Lavoisier masters the whole manufacturing chain of a drug or medical device in plastic ampoule :

  • Procurement of components and raw materials ;
  • Quality control of these components and raw materials ;
  • Solution preparation ;
  • Molding of the BFS ampoule ;
  • Sterilizing filtration and solution filling ;
  • Terminal sterilization with overheated water ;
  • Quality control during production and of the finished product;
  • 100% visual inspection ;
  • 100% automatic integrity check ;
  • Ampoules packaging in bulk or in boxes.
BFS ampoules contract manufacturing service

Blow Fill Seal technology

The BFS technology is a real innovation which consists in manufacturing an ampoule directly from plastic granules. The process is as follows :

  • Thousands of polypropylene polymer pellets are sucked in and heated at high temperature to melt them ;
  • The melted plastic is then blown into a mold ;
  • A needle goes down into the ampoule thus formed to fill it with solution ;
  • The ampoule is finally closed.

This operation takes only a few seconds and guarantees a high level of product sterility.

Plastic ampoules contract manufacturer

A contract manufacturer who is also a distributor

CDM Lavoisier manufactures on its BFS lines products for other pharmaceutical companies, but also its own products. In addition to our industrial know-how, we have mastered the process of registering a drug with the health authorities, as well as the ability to operate and distribute products on the French market on behalf of third-party laboratories. Thus, a pharmaceutical company wishing to establish itself on the French market can subcontract the manufacturing of its products to us, as well as their registration and distribution.

The BFS technology

The advantages of the BFS ampoule compared to the glass ampoule

More and more products are changing their pharmaceutical form from a rigid to a flexible container. There are several reasons for this industry-wide movement :

  • Glass containers are often more expensive to manufacture than plastic containers ;
  • Plastic is much lighter than glass, which reduces transportation costs ;
  • Finally, plastic is less fragile and less likely to break than glass.

Container-content interaction studies are used to evaluate the compatibility of these containers and the possible risks of migration.

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